Software-Business Solutions

EP Business Solutions-Investment

We create Software for all types and sizes of Businesses.

Automating processes, achieving greater productivity.

and saving money and time in the management and growth of your Company.

Basic Plan

u$s 99.- monthly

User Registration and Schedules

Sales Management

Cash Flow and Reports

1 User

Operating System: Windows

Medium Plan

u$s 130.- monthly

Client Tracking

Purchasing Management

Inventory Record

Branch Management

5 Users

Different Operating Systems

Integral Plan

u$s 250.- monthly

Expense Record

Bank Register

Full Accounting

Unlimited Users

1 Web Page

The first year is charged in full.

Custom project!

We can also create a custom Software, according to your needs, expectations

and looking to get the BEST return on your Investment.

Check our licenses for the different plans!

FREE download for 15 days.

Take advantage of the Discounts, paying for the year in advance. Includes automatic Software updates and Customer Service for support and training.
These prices do not include equipment costs or new devices.